Enemy Soil in house producer C Lance talks to Kersey and castle

1.) Introduce yourself to the readers who may not be familiar with your brand

C-Lance, in-house producer for Vinnie Paz. Boston born and raised. 

2.) When did you first discover Library Records?

In college, my friend who i grew up with put me onto digging for samples and records, so I would say around 2006 is when I first started understanding the culture of sampling.

3.) How important were they to your own sound?

Very important. I never really struggled to find my own sound. Right out the gates I knew what i wanted to sound like. 

4.) In the current climate of the sampling based musician how important is it to diversify what you are sampling?

I think that is just as important as the music itself. I like to sample a range of records. I pride myself in trying to find the rarest most odd records. I don't sample as much as I used too, but when I do I try to dig where nobody else would think. 

5.) What is it about Kersey & Castle’s library records that separate them from a lot of the Sample Packs available now?

The overall quality and vibe of them is very unique and creative. I find there are multiple ways to flip the loops in the K&C library. It challenges me to think outside the box. 

6.) Has the sound that Kersey & Castle changed the way you think about Sample Packs and Stem based purchasing?

I'm still only gonna fuck with the homies library's. But I never really used sample packs in my career. So this is a first for me. 

7.) Could you see yourself using Kersey & Castle’s sounds on major or indie placement or possibly hiring Kersey & Castle to supply you exclusive music for your own production?

Yes, in fact they already are being recorded as we speak by one of the great MC's out there. 

8.) What are you currently working on?

A lot of stuff. Currently a project with Rittz, Stoupe, Paz, and Snak The Ripper. As well as my second instrumental album. 

9.) What is your preferred means of production, as in are you a hardware only person, a software only person, or a combo of both.

I like both. I love messing with the Native Instrument Software. Kontakt libraries for sounds. 

10.) What hardware or Software do you use and why?

Kontakt Library for my sounds. Yamaha Motif to play melodies. And Fl Studio for my DAW. Go ahead, Laugh. But it gets the job done! 

11.) Give us all your social media!

@c_lance_ on IG @CLanceEnemySoil on Twitter 

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