THE Kurse Visits Kersey And Castle

1.) Introduce yourself to the readers who may not be familiar with your brand

I’ve been doing this thing for over a decade now, I produce different moods by being as eclectic as possible. My creative approach is less is more. In the past year I’ve been working with Gold Chain Music and Poison Ring Regime

2.) When did you first discover Library Records?

I first discovered library records 5 years ago or so

3.) How important were they to your own sound?

Library Music is an integral variable in my creative process because of the dynamic and vast quantity and variation of stock music library labels and such

4. In the current climate of the sampling based musician how important is it to diversify what you are sampling?

The diversification of sampling is crucial, an eclectic approach is key to being able to encapsulate an array of moods and soundscapes

5.) What is it about Kersey & Castle’s library records that separate them from a lot of the Sample Packs available now?

Kersey & Castle’s Library Music separates itself from other sample packs by being grimey yet refined. The music has an analog texture unlike any sample packs available. It’s Alan Howarth work meets Alan Hawkshaw...but on Steroids. Rob Viktum is the future.

6.) Has the sound that Kersey & Castle changed the way you think about Sample Packs and Stem based purchasing?

Indeed, it’s been a real eye opener. The fact that these sample packs sound like a late 70’s record should say everything. This pack is pushing boundaries. Rob Viktum and Kersey & Castle are changing the creative landscape for fans and listeners alike

7.) Could you see yourself using Kersey & Castle’s sounds on major or indie placement or possibly hiring Kersey & Castle to supply you exclusive music for your own production?

Yes and Yes

8.) What are you currently working on?

I’m currently finishing up a Project with my Brother Eff Yoo at the moment. Also putting the finishing touches on ‘Free Enterprise’ with the Nowaah The Flood and Supreme Cerebral. Lastly I’m also working on ep’s with my dude Ca$ablanca, Jamal Gasol and El Ay

9.) What is your preferred means of production, as in are you a hardware only person, a software only person, or a combo of both.

a combination

10.) What hardware or Software do you use and why?

Akai MPD 226: easier to program chops this way, get a more human feel by doing so

Reason: I’ve become accustom to this software, learned it front to back. It resembles analog gear that would normally be found on racks in a recording studio. Therefore it’s a little alien to me then logic etc.

11.) Give us all your social media!

Instagram @_kurse_

Twitter: @The_Kurse

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