Who is Johnny Slash?

1.)  Introduce yourself to the readers who may not be familiar with your brand.

I'm Johnny Slash.. I make beats and thats pretty much all i do.

2.)  When did you first discover Library Records?

I Haven't  been making beats that long.. with that said I found out about Library Records through my homie online maybe a couple years ago.

3.)  How important were they to your own sound?

As i developed my sound ( I think i still am) I found myself using super open samples.. sounds that I could add with other sounds.. I found that library records were awesome for this.. had a ton of dope open samples. So i think they are pretty important for me!

4.) In the current climate of the sampling based musician how important is it to diversify what you are sampling?

I think a lot of people end up sampling a lot of the same thing.. I don't think anyone wants to hear "Oh I sampled that before" but it happens.. I think it is important but at the same time i think what is more important is who did it better creatively..

5.)  What is it about Kersey & Castle’s library records that separate them from a lot of the Sample Packs available now?

I honestly haven't messed with a lot of sample packs to know..

What I will say is having the stems in these sample packs is a huge deal for me and allows me to really get creative.. also including the bpm is awesome too..

6.) Has the sound that Kersey & Castle created changed the way you think about Sample Packs and Stem based purchasing?

I never really had an opinion on sample packs i always thought that "Oh well everyone must have this if its a sample pack on drum broker"

However including the stems really lets me get creative and allows to pull some stuff off that maybe another producer couldn't. So i would say it has.

7.) Could you see yourself using Kersey & Castle’s sounds on major or indie placement or possibly hiring Kersey & Castle to supply you exclusive music for your own production?

Yes of course.. So far Kersey and Castle is right up my alley. I love these grimey open sounds.

8.) What are you currently working on?

Im working on announcing a new project right now along with announcing a couple of others things.. very soon!

9.) What is your preferred means of production, as in are you a hardware only person, a software only person, or a combo of both?

I love being hands on.. Mouse clicking pisses me off..

10.) What hardware or Software do you use and why?

When I started I was using Fl Studio.. I hated it.. I always wanted to get an MPC 2000xl..

A friend of mine convinced me to get a maschine saying that it was just as good and it would help out getting a tool that worked with your computer and hardware.. so I said screw it and saved up my money.. and copped a Maschine Studio for a G not knowing how to use it whatsoever haha.. I still want a MPC 2000xl just to have one... 

11.) Give us all your social media!

You can follow me on all these Social Medias.




Also be sure to check out my first ever and latest project "Earth Stomp" 

a Sci-Fi Themed beat tape featuring V-Zilla of Army of the Pharaohs & Aztek the Barfly.

Available on Spotify Itunes Etc.

Thanks for having me and i cant wait for your future sample packs!!!

Get "Music For Silencers" by clicking HERE

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